The building Process


Each project is unique in its own way and may require a different approach to acheive the desired outcome.

A draftsman might be a suitable option to keep costs down in the design phase which may include; limited internal alterations, basic extension for complying development certificate (CDC) purposes etc.

For larger or more involved projects an architect might be required which may include; heritage listed lots, sloping lots, new builds or projects that wish to utilise aspect of land ie. views, winds & sun.

We can liaise during the design stage & meet any requirements from the client.

Lodgement of Development Application(DA)/ (CDC) with Local Authority

Its important as a developer to check with local council for specific requirements for your project. Freshbuilt Constructions are up to date with all DA lodgements and requirements which could include ; Heritage sites, Duplexes, LEP requirements & zoning restrictions to name a few. We are confident to advise on projects during any stage of pre lodgement.

DA Consent / Amendments or conditions

Once received this document includes required information regarding your development. Including any conditions that may be required before commencement.

This is often a good time to finalise engineering for your project.

Pre Construction

This stage can vary if financing of the project is required, often banks will require a strong list of items however as common practice we deliver the following:

Individual quote specific to project using final engineering & any DA/ CDC conditions.

Upon agreement of the quote we will then sign a contract of agreement. We typically use The Master Builders Association of NSW residential building contract, this can be either;  fixed sum or cost plus contract/s

All insurances cover notes i.e – contract insurance, business liability insurance, home warranty insurance, workers compensation insurance all standard inclusions in Freshbuilt Constructions quotes.

A Program of the build based on your project will include key dates & a handover schedule for practical completion.

Construction Certificate

This allows us to start the project or “construction” using either a private certifier or a local authority certifier. Freshbuilt Constructions does have its preferred certifiers however we are flexible.


This is the stage you let us do our thing, all the planning goes into action & we start building your dreams.

We love you being involved and regular meetings and discussion are welcomed and advised.

Practical Completion

A key date for both parties & an exciting time for the client.

Occupation Certificate

Key certification items are required from the builder & a few items from the client which are highlighted within the Construction Certificate.

post completion

Freshbuilt Constructions is dedicated to our post completion service. We like to keep in touch, for us the commitment to the building process never ends.